Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans | 100% Arabica (1Kg)

Premium Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans, roasted to perfection, crafted for true coffee connoisseurs

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Experience the rich and unique flavors of Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans. Sourced from the birthplace of coffee, these 100% Arabica beans offer a smooth and indulgent taste, making every sip a delightful experience. Perfectly roasted and packaged in a convenient 1 kg bag, this is a must-have for all coffee enthusiasts.

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  • Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and produces some of the world's finest beans
  • Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee variety from Sidamo is outstanding
  • Known for having bright and floral elements
  • Roasted to a lighter color to enhance the flavor notes
  • A truly special coffee worthy of a place on your kitchen counter
  • Grown on small-hold farms in Jimma zone
  • Sent to the Kecho Anderacha washed coffee processing center
  • Farmers travel up to 7km to deliver their produce
  • Only one main harvest a year in Ethiopia, between November and December
  • Hand-picked coffee beans delivered to mill collection points
  • Sorted by hand to remove poor quality cherries
  • Mechanically pulped and sorted into three grades by weight
  • Fermented for 48 to 72 hours in concrete tanks
  • Washed to remove any remaining mucilage
  • Placed on raised beds to dry over several weeks
  • Transported to Primrose's dry mill and warehouse in Addis Ababa city
  • Dry milled to remove foreign material and defective beans

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