Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Beans - 100% Arabica - UK

Smooth and Rich Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Beans from the UK's Finest 100% Arabica Selection

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Our Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Beans are carefully selected from the finest Arabica beans in Colombia, delivering a rich, robust flavor that dark roast lovers will adore. With its intense aroma and smooth, bold taste, this blend is perfect for those seeking a premium coffee experience in the UK.

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  • Exceptional Quality - Sourced in the Medellin Mountains of Northern Colombia, Colombian coffee beans are grown at high altitudes
  • Rich Soil - The well-drained volcanic soil of Colombian mountains provides the perfect conditions for growing coffee
  • Unique Flavor - Rio Colombian Supremo Dark Roast has a unique chocolatier flavor
  • Hand-Roasted - Rio Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Beans are hand-roasted until the second crack of the bean
  • Fantastic Aroma - The longer roasting process creates a fantastic, dark, slightly sweet coffee
  • Strong Finish - Rio Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Beans have a strong finish
  • Super Fresh - Rio's 'Super-Fresh' Valve Technology Packaging ensures the coffee stays fresh for longer
  • Extensive Range - Rio Coffee offers an extensive range of coffee to suit everyone's taste

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