Blue Mountain Coffee Beans - 125g Bag - Signature Collection

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  • Described as the ‘Champagne of coffees’ Jamaica Blue Mountain is renowned throughout the world for its incomparable standard of quality. The coffee must meet stringent regulations and be grown under specific conditions – distinguished by its unique location, volcanic soil, and high altitude on a tropical island which create a wonderful balance of aroma, body, and acidity that differentiates Jamaica Blue Mountain from all other coffees. All our Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are 100% Grade 1.
  • Our signature collection is a classic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grown in the Parish of St. Andrew at an average altitude of 1000 metres on the acclaimed Clydesdale estate. The balance of mellow creaminess with subtle fruit and floral overtones differentiates Jamaica Blue Mountain and accounts for its historic renown.
  • Founded in Knightsbridge in 2007, Sea Island Coffee is the world’s leading purveyor of rare and exotic coffees including Jamaica Blue Mountain, Panama Geisha, St Helena, Wild Kopi Luwak, Hawaii Kona and a host of other single origin rare coffees.
  • All Sea Island Coffees are freshly roasted to order and then packed immediately into one-way resealable bags to ensure that every cup tastes as fresh and vibrant as it should, then shipped to you direct from the Cambridgeshire roastery for the freshest coffee experience possible.
  • The Sea Island Coffee Gift Wrap option is a popular choice as the coffee of your choice is hand packed into a luxury coffee gift set that makes a wonderful eye-catching coffee gift. To view, the gift wrap option, simply view the images on the product page.

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